On this page, you will find an explanation of some of the terms you may encounter in connection with the purchase and sale of waste paper.

Waste paper - waste and used paper, which after sorting, is recycled in the paper industry.

Material - represents waste paper, which is no longer divisible. Each material has a unique number and description

Warehouse - is a unit designed for material storage. For example, a warehouse building.

Internal waste paper warehouse - waste paper warehouse on the MSCP premises (MONDI SCP).

External waste paper warehouse - waste paper warehouse outside the MSCP premises (MONDI SCP).

Buyer - end customer who may have a contract with an intermediary - in form of a customer (sales) order. The customer defines the end-point of the loadings, so-called unloading place.

Seller - entity that may have a contract with an intermediary - in form of a purchase order. The supplier defines the starting point of the roads, the so-called loading place.

Delivery note (consent letter) - is a basic document authorizing and confirming the transport and allows the acceptance of the transported material. It contains information about the material, its origin, place of loading, supplier, customer and other additional information.

Incoterms- terms in international and domestic transport contracts, which determine the responsibilities between buyers and sellers in terms of costs, risk redistribution, liability for cargo insurance and compliance.

Delivery conditions - describe the method of delivery and activities related to logistics during transport, based on Incoterms

Gross weight (BW) - is the weight in tons of the vehicle loaded with material, determined on the road scale at the entrance

Tara weight (TW) - is the weight of the empty vehicle in tons, determined on the road scale at the exit

Net weight (NW) - determined as the difference between Gross weight and Tara weight in tons, identified during the customer's acceptance 

Declared weight (DW) - weight declared by the partner in tons

Norm weight (NW) - calculated by formula defined on the sortiment, in tons

Invoiced weight (IW) - is determined by the customer's acceptance in tons, also PPCA invoice weight in tons