Who should I contact if I am interested in selling you waste paper?

In this case, please contact one of our colleagues who are in charge of TRADE. Contacts can be found here.

Is the price of waste paper stable throughout the year?

No, the price of waste paper changes every month, depending on the market situation.

What quality of waste paper do you mainly buy?

We are mainly interested in mixed paper and board packaging. All waste paper qualities that we buy can also be found with a description here.

Where is the paper for recycling, you are purchasing, directed and what is made out of it?

At present, as being the sole purchaser of Mondi SCP a.s., the purchased paper for recycling is further processed on the most modern paper machine in Europe (PM19) to produce cardboard paper with a white or brown surface.

What is the minimum quantity of the waste paper, which you are able to repurchase?

We purchase the waste paper in the minimum quantity of cca 22 tones, what represents one truck.